North Korea holiday package: Should I book group tour or private tour?

DPRK is usually viewed as one of the world’s most secretive countries in the foreigner’s mind. It is a destination that is attractive to people from the outside to find out what’s going on. However, the recent summits have changed this concept about North Korea, particularly, there is more information revealing a peaceful place and friendly people, as a result, the number of people who want to make a trip to North Korea and the tour services is increasing rapidly. In this article, we will give you some information about holiday packages available in North Korea, including group tour and private tour. So, in such a closing country, which north korea holiday package is more suitable?
North Korea group tour
Group tour is the most cost-saving holiday package, allowing you to get the most affordable travelling cost while you can enjoy your trip with unforgettable experiences. You can enjoy tour after finishing all your paper works and pay a deposit to your travelling insurer who can help you with compulsory documents and entering procedures. Some tour operators will include all fee in tour prices while some may charge you additional fee to process your visa in Beijing which is one of the 2 most popular gateways. 
It usually takes around a month before the tour’s departure, so you can have enough time to arrange your schedule Normally, each tour operator will have their limit of the group’s size to ensure the quality of tours, specifically, maximum of 25 people per group. In case the number of tourists surpasses the number, the tour operator will divide the tour into 2 different groups with their own vehicles and tour guides. So, remember to check it carefully if you want to travel with your friends as your group can be divided. In a group tour, it is easier for you to join events or festivals in North Korea, for example, you can join International Women’s Day, Pyongyang International Marathon, the Kim Jong Il Anniversary or so on.  However, the time of your departure and itinerary will be fixed, which means you depend on other’s departure time and tour length. 
Private tour
This holiday package is designed for people who do not get used to with group tour or want to start their trip at any time they want, travel at their own pace and explore the country independently. If you engage in a private tour, you can choose schedule, itinerary and places you wish to visit. All of your programs should be discussed and agreed by you when you book the tour, however, DPRK is not an easy country, so any change or anything you want to do need time to get permission from tour guides. It is obvious that the tour is more expensive when compared with a group tour but you will enjoy more freedom in what to eat, where to visit and have more time and flexibility. To save partly cost, you should check whether the tour includes all the fee such as transfers, accommodation, visa fee or not as some tours may prepare all of this for you and some do not. There will be two compulsory guides from the Korean hosting travel company accompanying you at all times, preventing you from strict rules which can place you at risks. 



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