Thank you to Masahisa Mizokami do pay a visit to my shop

Thank you to Masahisa Mizokami do pay a visit to my shop. We talk about Japan product, especially KDK and Panasonic brands also the Look East Policy.
I would like to claim that the Look East Policy was good for Malaysia. Those trained under the programme seem to have imbibed some Japanese characters and values. Actually the Look East Policy was not so much about getting Japanese investments or technologies as it was about learning Japanese work ethics and the discipline of the work place.
I believe strongly that the success or otherwise of a person, a race or a nation is dependent on their values, their work ethics and their discipline when doing whatever they have to do.
And yes we will meet again in Japan soon! I will fix all the fans there



Cambodia Travel guide, tips and inspiration

March 1, 2019

Cambodia travel guide, including map of Cambodia, tips on Cambodian culture, places to visit in Cambodia, when to go to Cambodia and Cambodia travel tips A cultivated country with something exciting to offer every traveller. Cambodia is still less visited…  Đọc tiếp