Shout out to Jared H

Shout out to Jared H. Beck of the DNC Fraud Lawsuit for dropping the truth bomb of the day



Donnie MacLean

I really like Jared H. Beck and his hilarious better half, Elizabeth Lee Beck

Joslyn Daisy

Ehhh.. synchronicity numbers tho….

Daniel M. Rosenak

Toss em into the deep end everybody!! They’ll learn how to swim and it’s for their own good!! #humans are super conditionable so it’s just a matter of switching that conditioning to truthful vibrations (no fear) and therefore the whole collectives consciousness via morphic resonance can accomplish the unbelievable

Dino Veritas


Patrik Martin

Seems like a waste of energy. People are stubborn when their free will is compromised. Better to lead by example, because the truth doesn’t need defending.

    Cheryl S. Mettler

    And, that’s the truth!

Cheryl S. Mettler

And, that’s the truth!

Barbara Santora

thank you…it may or may not happen

Cheryl S. Mettler

Unfortunately, this is very true.

Wendy Palmer Dennie

Shake ‘em Awake

Cedar Martyn

Jimi Brent

Carole Schneider

YES ❤️

Victoria Trinity


Larr Madison

Pretty important hearing that from THAT side

Dianna Gloria

Yes!!!!! So agree!!!!

Kelly Ann Ferro


Wanda Norman

Yep! They are suffering from a severe case of cognitive dissonance and could become terminal! Good luck!

Shari Lynn

Right on! It’s going to BE SKULL CRACKING!!! Indeed!!!!

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