Myanmar in 5 days

We unfortunately live in a day and age where if you are off social media for a week you have died lol.I have had the same number since I was 14 yrs old lol… call Anytime because I wont always be online… I am from the school of actually dialing numbers. For all inquiring minds I am very much ALIVE… and I fast from this thing often. I have traveled to Myanmar in 5 days for a phenomenal womens retreat and I am still soaking up the remnent. Spiritual as well as physical r&r is needed… I am currently under the weather and taking some necessary r&r … thank you to those who have reached out. Im resting is all! I appreciate the care sincerely.



Donna Viglione-Slazinski

The 3rd component of the 80/20 rule is rest. feel better.

Cambodia Travel guide, tips and inspiration

March 1, 2019

Cambodia travel guide, including map of Cambodia, tips on Cambodian culture, places to visit in Cambodia, when to go to Cambodia and Cambodia travel tips A cultivated country with something exciting to offer every traveller. Cambodia is still less visited…  Đọc tiếp